Bring dosbox-x to endless



Dosbox-x has a flatpak edition ( but I can’t install it on my Endless. Please work around it.
p.s.: DosBox and DosBox-x are two separate apps.

Thank you very much!



What issue do you have with the Flatpak? Just updated it a few days ago to 0.82.20, switched to SDL2 and built it on 3.6.2.

I uploaded you a binary build of the current version here:

DOSBox-X 0.82.20 Flatpak Binary

Just install it with:

flatpak install --user dosbox.flatpak




Thank you for your fast reply.

Unfortunatly, it doesn’t work either. I tried installing via GUI and now via the terminal as you suggested. It gave me the same error:

“… appstream.xml.gz no such file or directory”


Hm… interesting. Will check this after the weekend, as i’m on vacation now for a few days. But i will fix it, as i intend to push it to flathub during the next week.


THanks! Enjoy your vacation! :sunny:


I just installed it on a fresh 3.6.2 installation with the following commands, without any issues:

git clone
cd dosbox-x-flatpak
git submodule init
git submodule update
flatpak-builder --user --force-clean --install-deps-from=flathub build com.github.joncampbell123.DOSBox-X.json
flatpak-builder --repo=repo --force-clean build com.github.joncampbell123.DOSBox-X.json
flatpak build-bundle repo dosbox-x.flatpak com.github.joncampbell123.DOSBox-X 0.82.20
flatpak install --user --assumeyes dosbox-x.flatpak

Can you please try them out and report any problems.



Hope, you’ve enjoyed your vacation!
Well, this time (probably thanks to the cd command that was not in the github description) the git commands ran well. “flatpak-uldier --user…” gave an error:

error: No remote refs found similar to ‘flathub’
Error installing deps: running flatpak --user install flathub -y --noninteractive org.freedesktop.Sdk/x86_64/18.08: The child procedure exited with the following code: 1

Well, this happened… :frowning:


It seems to me, that for some odd reason, you don’t have the flathub remote configured …
Can you please run:


and upload the resulting file to this thread.


I think this is happening because you have the remote configured in the system repo, but not in the --user repo.


Here you go:

eos-diagnostic-190821_023131_UTC 0200.txt (1.3 MB)


@wjt: Thank you for commenting! :slight_smile:
It sounds reasonable as much as I understood it. But I have no ideal what to do. Maybe I should run:

flatpak-builder --system --force-clean --install-deps-from=flathub build com.github.joncampbell123.DOSBox-X.json

or should I go to a different directory after opening the Terminal. e.g.

cd /sysroot/home/.var/app/

and then run the codes that @egrath suggested above?

Thank you for both of you in advance. Have a nice day!


Simply remove the


flag from the commands above, it will install everything systemwide. You will get asked a few times to authenticate yourself.