Can't Boot Endless 3.8.4 on Raspberry Pi 4

Can’t Boot Endless 3.8.4 on Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB. I created an image on Windows with Raspberry Pi Imager and balenaEtcher. I can’t create with Rufus as stated here because the sd card not detected.

I try with the other images and with Raspberry Pi Imager and/or balenaEtcher, the image can boot.

Thanks for the report! Perhaps we need to update the bootloader files to support the new 8GB edition. We plan to do this for our upcoming 3.8.5 release.

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Hello @cho2 3.8.5 had been released with the fix for RPi 4 8GB model, you might want to give it a try, you can download the basic image with the torrent file:

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There is a problem found with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1 which causing RPi4 stuck at booting.

And the workaround is to add a line in config.txt file under boot partition(FAT, ~105MB):

This method only needed for flashing a brand new 3.8.5 image, also the problem is reporting to the engineering team, the fix will be included in the next 3.8.6 release.

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