Como consigo instalar o XAMPP no Endless OS?

Boa noite Sr(a)s,

Gostaria de saber como instalar o XAMPP que não é um programa(aplicativo) nativo do Endless OS estou tentando mas não consigo cria-lo e coloca-lo na minha area de trabalho dentro do sistema Endless OS.
Alguem poderia me dar os passos para ter permissão e instala-lo dentro do Endless OS

Agradeço desde já qualquer ajuda que me auxilie nesta tarefa.

Obrigado desde já.

You can use a premade Docker XAMPP Image. I will write something about this later this evening when i have some spare time.

Running LAMP in a Docker Container

We will use a prebuilt Docker container which provides Linux, Apache, MySQL (MariaDB) and PHP (hence the Name LAMP) in a preconfigured and easy to use way. Follow this tutorial to get it up and running in no time.

The commands are meant to be run from within Terminal.

Creating the Container

podman image pull fauria/lamp:latest
mkdir ~/www
podman run -p 8080:80 --name lamp -d -v /sysroot/home/$(whoami)/www:/var/www/html

This will fetch the necessary Docker Image, create our Web-root directory directly in our home directory, create the container for LAMP and start it immediatly. From this point on, you can just put files into the www directory and point your browser to http://localhost:8080 to view it:

(I’ve just put a single file in it, index.php with the following content):

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Running something inside the container

Sometimes you want to run some application inside the container, like for example mysql to perform some database administration tasks. Use

podman exec -it lamp /bin/bash

To get a Bash-prompt running inside the container. From there you can run these things. Exit with exit or press Ctrl-D

Managing the container

You need to start the container manually after a system boot. Use:

podman start lamp

to start it. Use podman stop lamp to stop it. You can also verify if the container is running with:

podman ps --all

which will show the state of all currently running containers, something like:

CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                         COMMAND               CREATED        STATUS            PORTS                 NAMES
4d2c9a273c21  /usr/sbin/run-lam...  9 minutes ago  Up 9 minutes ago>80/tcp  lamp

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