Dual Boot com Windows 7 não funciona


Instalei com sucesso na minha limitada máquina do serviço.
A tela de boot com o Windows 7 Ultimate 32x carrega normalmente, mas não reconhece nem um dos comandos de teclado. Impossibilitando, assim, que eu consiga selecionar qual dos sistemas eu quero inicializar.
Como faço para conseguir selecionar a opção do endless?


@FelipeSoaresdeSouza Já tentou testar outro teclado?


(Sorry, I don’t speak Portuguese.)

I have seen a report of this problem before, and the user with the problem found a workaround. Here’s the conversation:

Alright, here’s my little report which might help others facing same/similar problem.

In three ‘steps’ that you gave me previously, THIRD one worked. I quote it below:

Shut your computer down, then turn it on and enter the BIOS. (It looks like your system has an American Megatrends Inc. BIOS; the normal process for AMIBIOS is to press Del while the computer is turning on.) See if you have any options to adjust the USB controller. Some magic words you might look for are “xHCI” and “EHCI”, which are (roughly speaking) USB 3 and USB 2.

  • Opened BIOS with ‘Del’ key, as suggested.
  • Looked for magic words ‘XHCI’ and ‘EHCI’. They were present under ‘Peripherals’ tab.
  • There were three options related to ‘XHCI’ and ‘EHCI’.
    1. XHCI Mode: It was set to “Smart Auto”.
    2. XHCI Hand-off: Enabled.
    3. EHCI Hand-off: Disabled.

Based on what I saw in the internet forums, 2nd and 3rd are default for windows 7 with Intel. Others might want to change based on which system they have.

It seems like, problem was with 1st one. My rough guess is, grub might be changing(I don’t know whether OS can change things in BIOS settings.) XHCI Mode to Smart Auto. And somehow that leaves Windows OS not recognizing USB ports.

So, I have changed it from “Smart Auto” to “Auto”.

Tl;dr :
Changed XHCI Mode from “Smart Auto” to “Auto” from Peripherals tab in BIOS settings.

You may want to try this.

If that doesn’t help, please find the debug log generated by the installer by following these instructions https://support.endlessm.com/hc/pt/articles/115003058803-Como-faço-um-log-de-depuração-para-o-Instalador-Endless-para-Windows- and attach it here. We aren’t actively developing the dual-boot installer at the moment, but the information contained within the log may be helpful as and when development resumes.

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