Endless 3.3.3 crash dopo aggiornamento di ieri


these terminal commands I gave:

    • pkexec ostree pull --commit-metadata-only eos:os/eos/nexthw/eos3.3
      2)- ls -l /ostree/repo/ /usr/share/ostree/trusted.gpg.d/
      3)- cat /ostree/repo/config
      I repeat the commands because I am completely ignorant on the subject, so I attach the new diagnostics, because it seems to me to be the same as it was before, in fact the time to start has decreased.
      eos-diagnostic-190703_210938_UTC 0200.txt (709,5 KB)


Excuse me … but do you leave me like this ?? without solving the problem?


Mi dite se devo formattare il mio P.C.? Grazie

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