Endless entered and stuck in emergency mode - cannot recover

Hi Team

I was transferring zip files to an external hd a few days ago and Endless suddenly went into emergency mode.

I’ve attached three photos of what I’m seeing. Apologies, they are not of very good quality. On phot. 3, I can see: Failed - Failed to start EOS Prepare OS/. and a number of failed dependencies, including: /sysroot.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.



Seems to me like your SSD is going to die.

https://community.endlessos.com/u/ramcq and https://community.endlessos.com/u/wjt I really would appreciate a response to this problem.



Unfortunately, this looks like a hardware fault to me, too. If possible, I suggest you create a bootable USB stick on a different computer – here are instructions to make an Endless OS USB stick on any Linux distribution, and there are similar FAQs for Windows and macOS – and use this to back up data from your Endless OS computer, then contact the hardware vendor.

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