Endless is launching a new Ambassadors program!

Today we are launching the Endless Ambassadors program to reach new users and build a stronger community all over the world. If you are passionate about Endless OS and see the potential that a free, easy to use, offline-friendly operating system can make in your local community, and you’re motivated to help us reach that potential, then you have the makings of an Endless Ambassador! Read on to learn more about the program and how to get involved.

What is an Endless Ambassador?

An Endless Ambassador is somebody who is passionate about Endless.

Being an Endless Ambassador means taking on responsibilities within both Endless and your local community. You will be a point of contact for local users who need help or who want to learn more about Endless. You will also be a point of contact for Endless so we can learn more about your community’s specific needs and ways we can improve Endless OS for them.

As an Endless Ambassador, you are expected to be active and engaged on a regular basis with the users in your city. This includes setting up local events or meetups, presenting Endless OS at other technology or educational events, attending conferences in your area, and / or visiting local schools to show them how Endless OS can help them.

Our goal is for each Ambassador to participate in at least one event every month to keep building excitement in their community, so we will arrange regular check-ins with you to make sure we’re doing everything we can to support your efforts. You will be a co-creator in this program, so we want to hear from you regularly and often!

Endless Ambassador Benefits

The Endless Ambassador program is being set up to empower you to promote Endless in an official way. As an Endless Ambassador, you will become the official representative of your community.

We at Endless will support you in doing this by giving you one-on-one mentoring and speaker training, presentation materials, conference supplies and swag that you can give away to other Endless enthusiasts in your area (such as t-shirts, DVDs, stickers, notebooks and pens), and promoting your activities in front of a global audience.

We can also help cover the cost of attending a local conference, supplying food for a meetup event, or producing localized marketing materials or other promotional items for you to use.


Becoming an Endless Ambassador

If you want to join the Endless Ambassadors program, you can apply using the link below. We will review each application individually and then schedule a video or telephone call with you to further discuss the requirements of the program and your plans for involvement.

Apply Now


I would like to apply - but only if I could use a nickname and a holiday address [ { @roddy } ] ?


We don’t ask for an address, only city/country so we know what areas you can be active in