Endless OS 3.5.7 update corrupts system


user created new folder in /mnt/gentoo which had gentoo installed to play league of legends after update this folder was no longer present -> EndlessOS corrupts root filesystem after the update.

UPDATE: Found /mnt/gentoo in

requesting more info


This is not officially supported by Endless OS only Flatpak



Also EndlessOS has 100GB when core system has like 10GB max(?) why? It makes system UNUSABLE for the end-user.

Assuming that you are keeping snapshot of previous version on the system there are no info about how to free-up old snapshots + i was told you dont provide support for that either -> forcing noob end-user to remove stuff from rootfs that might brick the system or reinstall.,


according to the docs https://ostree.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manual/adapting-existing/ nothing is wrong with endless os.


Noted, any way to force garbage collection?

Should probably be in GUI…


This is pretty much what I noted in your previous thread. It’s just the way that ostree works. It’s not corruption.

If you want to use custom binaries and libs like wine you will want to maintain them entirely under /home.

So: use your home directory, not /mnt.

ostree does not exactly use snapshots but something more like “hardlink farms from an object database”, which means that the disk space required is generally much less than what you would expect. Also, the current ostree and the previous one is kept, but others are automatically cleaned up. So there isn’t normally a need for the user to worry about purging old versions etc. But if you’d like to poke at this as an expert, you can check the docs under man ostree-admin, man ostree and the additional pages referenced there.

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