Endless OS 3.8.0 failed to install with verification error

Endless OS 3.8.0 failed to install, with the same verification issue another user posted above.
Endless OS 3.8.0 keeps trying to download in the background even though I have repeatedly cancelled. My internet is metered and this is wasting a massive amount of my data! I absolutely do not trust Endless OS 3.8.0 and expect it to crash my machine if it ever manages to install. Please tell me how to prevent it from EVER downloading itself again!

You can disable automatic updates from the menu at the bottom of the screen:

(Please disregard the mixture of English and French in the screenshot, caused by the development version I am using.)

That said, it would be helpful if you could clarify exactly what the error message is that you are seeing, so we can try to resolved the problem. Please could you generate a debug log by following the instructions below, and attach it here? With luck it will include relevant information from the updater’s past failed attempts.

I can’t find a thread that has the same problem as mine so i’m hoping that i can ask something here ^^"

I was recently in the ver 3.8.0 a while back and a rolled back to 3.7.8 via a terminal code because i think i saw a thread specifying to do that when you can’t update to 3.8.1

but now i can’t even see any os updates in the app center and i don’t know any commands to manually update my os - any thoughts?

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Oh, ok - upon turning on your pc, you can press the Esc button before the Endless logo appear and THEN you can now choose between the OS your rolled back to and the OS you tried to get away from, i get it.

However…I still can’t see any OS updates on the appcenter and everybody here is talking about OS updates beyond 3.8.1 already. Anyone know how to fix this?

Hi, to force the update of your System to the latest one available, open a Terminal and run:

eos-updater-ctl update --force

It should yield some messages about fetching the updates and as one of the last commands tell you something like “UpdateApplied”. Reboot your device if you see this message and you’re on (currently) 3.8.1.

Hello - thanks for the command line, but somehow it’s been stuck to “Changed to Fetching” for a few hours now…is it normal? (i don’t think my internet’s at fault tho, if it has something to do with it being stuck)

Edit: ah, never mind - it’s downloading now. thank you very much ^^

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