Endless OS using Steam or Wine program setup?

Hi everyone nice to meet all of you im new to this forum.My name is Robert and i am from the U.s.a…I was wondering if anyone wanted to try to help me get something that maybe endless os may need to get this great os going running (for example) steam,wine,launchbox app program like retroarch that supports all kinds of great emulators just like a regular pc does.I think i am going to need some support to try to get this up and running on this os.This endless os is great and very easy to use like me for a beginner coming to a linux distribution myself.I really do think this os is heading in the right direction for getting better and better as time goes on.Well if you are like me might want this feature please let the endless os developers know and write them a email and explaining that you would really love to see this feature added to the endless os.Thanks for all your support and patience in trying to get this started.
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Hi there,

Getting steam working is a bit of problem (there are issues between the 32bit applications that steam uses and the 64 bit Endless 3.0 system, as well as a couple of packaging problems).

Wine isn’t supported out of the box on Endless, but we’d love to see developers work on integrating it with Flatpak (the system the Endless uses to install apps).

There’s been some work to package installers from GOG for Flatpak https://github.com/hadess/flatpak-games but that’ll be hard to use on Endless right now (it should get easier in 3.1 early next year!)

For retro games with emulators you can install GNOME Games! It’s a bit of a fuss at the moment but you can get it from the ‘nightly’ repository, instructions here: http://flatpak.org/apps.html

Some information on features in GNOME Games: http://bytesgnomeschozo.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/gnome-games-322-giant-leap.html

and information on the emulator ‘cores’ that are installed by default, or that you can obtain and manually put in the right place:

Hi Nick,
I have just installed GNOME Games using the nightly repository flatpak. It worked successfully after installing also some runtime libs.
Problem is that no ROM works. Any hints how to debug it, or to check for missing dependencies whatsoever? I keep receiving the “Oops!” message when some game fails to run.
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Hi Nick, now that 3.1 is out. What is the possibility of running Microsoft Office 2007 (or later) on Endless and if it is possible, how?



Thank you Leandro Stanger but I work in a school with unreliable Internet connection. Looking for offline ones. Cheers.

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Hi @vleadmin.aea3086, no change here: Wine isn’t supported out of the box on Endless. I assume that you’ve tried LibreOffice – out of interest, in what ways does it not meet your needs?

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Yep, just as Will mentioned, we don’t support WINE yet. We’ve done work to make sure Steam works on Endless (you can get it in the App Center!) but there’s more work required to enable WINE and it’s not a massively high priority for our engineers (people are mostly working on enabling this in the upstream Flatpak open source community and we’d integrate those changes when they’re ready).

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