Error no such device ostree

My friend @sendy face this problem on his computer.
Any clue to fix this?
@LeandroStanger @wjt

@cho2 Which version of Endless OS is it using?

forget the latest version on those computer, probably 3.x.x

Unfortunately a bug was introduced in Endless OS 3.5.0 which corrupted the partition table on certain systems (specifically, those with BIOS rather than UEFI, which had a large enough disk for a swap partition to be created).

We have unpublished the affected release and are working on a script that can be run from a USB stick to fix affected computers.

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is it affected for 3.5 fresh install or update from the previous version to 3.5 or both of them?

We believe it only affects systems that were originally installed with Endless ≥ 3.0.3 and ≤ 3.4.1 (or originally installed with very old versions, before 2.4.0).

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Hello @cho2, hello @sendy! Firstly, sorry for the problem you are experiencing and thanks for reporting it. As @wjt said, there was a bug on the 3.5.0 update process that made some machines unable to boot. We pulled off 3.5.0 from our servers and will soon publish 3.5.1 which does not contain that bug. Still, some manual intervention will be necessary to recover affected machines. We published a script that can be run from a Live USB / DVD environment which should fix the problem and make the able to boot normally again. Please follow the instructions bellow and let us know if that fixes your problem.

  1. Make sure you have a Live USB or DVD which contains sfdisk, lsblk, and dd. These are pretty standard Linux tools and are available by default on Endless Live USB. There are instructions on how to create a Live USB on
  2. Download the recovery script from
  3. Make sure the script is executable by running chmod 755 eos-fix-mbr-swap-removal.
  4. Run the script as root with sudo ./eos-fix-mbr-swap-removal.
  5. The script will point you to where it saved its logs. Please grab that log file and upload here so we can make sure everything went as planned.
  6. Shutdown your computer safely, remove the Live USB / DVD, and turn it back on.
  7. Your computer should boot normally.

Hopefully this will all run smooth and we’ll get you back up and running in no time! Thanks again for your patience.

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thank you for the help @jprvita, it works and now can boot normally. thank you @cho2 for helping me posted here.

here I attached the log on link below.

eos-fix-mbr-swap-removal.log.txt (2.6 KB)

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