Flatpack alternatives

Hallo, are there any alternatives to flatpack? All other systems that use flatpack (e.g. Fedora) seem to support also other package managers. In fact, it seems to me there are very few apps in the flatpack world, compared, for instance to .deb or .rpm.
Just to show an example, I could not find any flatpacked app to view and edit GPX files for instance.

JOSM is available on the App Center

Thanks a lot, I’ll have a look.
Unfortunately I’m not tech-savvy, I just typed “gpx” and “gps” in the app center and I had 0 results.
Apart from jokes, I have the feeling that the flatpack world is not mature enough even for your target user, my suggestion is to find a way to browse and install .deb for instance.

If I recall correctly I’ve successfully used AppImage on Endless.

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