I can not reset my computer


I would like to know how I can reset my PC. I have an Endless OS 3 3.4.2-nexthw1.
What I want to solve is that my PC is not updating my applications, such as Google Chrome. It shows me the option to update it but when I try to download the update it say that there is an error (I attached a screenshot). I do not know how to proceed to solve this.

Can you help me, please! Thank you.

as your installation is rather old, you are facing this issue:

There are multiple ways on how to proceed, personally i would go the easiest/fastest way, which consists of:

  1. Backup all necessary data from your current installation (documents, pictures, …)
  2. Build a installer of the latest Endless OS version on a USB stick (download the ISO image and use the Disks utility to restore this ISO image onto a USB stick)
  3. Boot your computer with this USB stick and perform a fresh installation
  4. Restore your files saved at (1)

I am very bad at this kind of stuff, but I got it! I have the latest version.
Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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