I cant acces bios to install Windows 10

Today I bought a asus laptop with endless os . When i tried to enter in bios , i found out the bios has a password . How to find the password ???

We are very sorry to hear that Endless OS did not fulfill your needs, unfortunately, the installation of other OS which is not Endless OS is out of our hands

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If you are trying to install Windows on a laptop that brought Endless OS, we kindly suggest you contact your distributor since you might lose the warranty.

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What i need to do to find out the bios password ???

I want play Roblox . Exist a possibility to add Roblox on App Center ???

Right now is only possible to install apps that are based on Flatpak. We kindly suggest contacting your software developers’ in order to suggest them to create a version compatible with it.

These articles will provide more details about it:

What’s Flatpak?
Can I install and add new software or apps?

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