I don't remember administrator password

Hello endlessos community.

I have had some problems with logging in different accounts on my computer, and I couldnt shut down computer sometimes, then I had to press shift+power to shut it down. I thought if I install new account I will be able to make some changes. I installed it, and now I can’t log on my other acc, because it always brings me back on to this one. If I go to settings it asks me for password, but when I enter the one that I know, it says it’s not correct?! Could it be the password that came with computer when I bought it? If so, I don’t know it. It’s all mess now, but at least I can shut down computer normaly :smiley: . I am attaching eos diagnostics file if that could help. P.S. I am sorry if I’m not following some rules by opening a new topic, but I couldn’t comment in similiar ones, because they were locked?! If that’s the problem please let me know where I can write.
eos-diagnostic-200701_001412_UTC 0200.txt (1013.7 KB)