Installation Error

Please attach the EndlessInstaller log file for any install- and uninstall-related problems.

EndlessInstaller20180106_05_26_41.log (67.0 KB)

05:33:26 - EndlessUsbToolDlg.cpp:6289 CEndlessUsbToolDlg::MountESPFromDrive
05:33:26 - EndlessUsbToolDlg.cpp:6314 ESP not found. (GLE=[87])
05:33:26 - EndlessUsbToolDlg.cpp:5764 Error on MountESPFromDrive (GLE=[87])

Please can you open Disk Management (right-click the Start menu) and take a screenshot of the disks and partitions in your system?

This is a slightly strange configuration – you have two physical disks, and your EFI Service Partition is not on the same disk as the C: drive. I’m afraid we don’t support this configuration at the moment.

Will it get okay if i format the disk and reinstall the OS??

The problem is specifically that your C: (system) drive is not on the same drive as your ESP. If you reinstall Windows and put them on the same disk, it should work.