Installing a new app(not found in the app centre)



Help Please. Im new here and I need to install an app called QQ. Anyone who can teach me?


Click on the right side of the mouse


sorry but I cant understand Chinese.


What is your language?


Filipino but English will do.


Anyways , I have tried to do your instructions, but QQ doesnt appear on the options for websites that can be added.


@mhall119 could help


Thanks…btw @LeandroStanger😊


Hi patch,

If you want just the website ( to have an icon on your desktop, you can do as Leandro showed and just type “” to the white text input. This will create a website launcher that will open in your browser.

If there is an app that does something different, we would need to learn more about it to see how to get it working on Endless OS for you.


Hi Michael,

Yes ,so it seems the website, Literally just gives me the download link for qq app for windows and mac.

Thanks anyway😊

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