Installing Firefox

eos-diagnostic-190805_153329_UTC 0530.txt (1.9 MB)

I entered the command in the terminal:

pkexec flatpak install eos-apps org.mozilla.Firefox

I pressed Y. I thought the installation was successful, but no Firefox icon as appeared and the App center is offering to download Firefox, not place an icon on the desktop. What do I do next?


eos-add-to-desktop org.mozilla.Firefox
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Thanks. Where do I get the flatpak names for apps like “org.mozilla.Firefox”? The app center refuses to add Evince to the desktop.

Update to Endless OS 3.6.2

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@LeandroStanger I don’t think anything in 3.6.2 will affect this.

You can look at what’s installed with flatpak list. Evince is not a Flatpak though. System apps’ desktop files live in /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.Evince. Try:

eos-add-to-desktop org.gnome.Evince
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eos-diagnostic-190806_182314_UTC 0530.txt (865.4 KB)
After updating, Firefox can no longer connect to the internet, but Chromium can. The app center shows Firefox as being installed.

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