Installing hindi language support


Installed 3.6.2. How can i add hindi language support. I did not find any package in the app center to install for hindi language support. can anybody guide me on the issue.Thanks


You can change the language by the settings


I installed the hindi input system through region and language in settings. However, hindi is not being typed properly. In ubuntu installing language packs for ‘gnome’ mitigate the problem.


Thanks for reporting this problem.
Can you go into a little more detail about what you’re seeing here, perhaps by posting a screenshot?
And give an example of something simple that you are inputting, what are you expecting to see in that case, and what happens on Endless?


You can keep hindi input method from Settings > Region &Language > Keyboard Layouts > Add a Keyboard Layout by pressing on + button > Choose a hindi oriented keyboard Layout.

You can switch the keyboard layout from the bottom right tray.


Open a text editor and test the keyboard layout you chose.


Thanks for the reply. After a little bit of experimentation with various fonts it appears that While using the Hindi key board with system font, the alphabets are not combining i.e. प्र , but when the font is changed to lohit devanagri then the text appears proper. screen shot attached.

Changing the font seems to be the solution.

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