Is it possible to run an .exe for a Steam Proton game?


I would like to play the GMDX mod for Deus Ex. Deus Ex is installed from Steam and runs fine through Proton 5. Installing GMDX is done by running it’s .exe installer in the same wineprefix (I think), but since everything is flatpak’ed in Endless OS, I can’t really figure out how to do that.

I have tried installing Protontricks, because it seems to be able to do the job. But when I run it with “flatpak run com.valvesoftware.Steam.Utility.protontricks”, I get the error “bwrap: execvp /bin/sh: No such file or directory”, so I can’t do anything with it.

Any ideas?

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Thanks, they were able to help me at Github, and I have now managed to install GMDX 10. To remember it for the future, I’ve written this short guide for myself since it is quite a complicated process:

  1. Install Deus Ex and launch once
  2. Install protontricks for your distro
  3. Download GMDX and put in the “compdata” file in steamapps. For Endless OS it is “/sysroot/home/yourusername/.var/app/com.valvesoftware.Steam/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/6910/pfx”
  4. Use protontricks to run the installer: First, “protontricks 6910 shell” (or protontricks-flat in Endless OS)"
  5. Then “wine GMDX(installer).exe”
  6. After installation, copy all the file it created to the actual Deus Ex folder in steamapps/common
  7. Copy “GMDXv10Default.ini” and “GMDXv10DefUser.ini” from the GMDX10 folder to the System folder
  8. Add launch options to steam: "INI=“GMDXv10Default.ini” USERINI=“GMDXv10DefUser.ini” "

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