KA Lite Server Does not show the videos


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First of all, thanks for such a wonderful linux-based OS it is nice to be back, currently I am working in the KA lite served installed on ENLESS OS, but sadly after I download a video, it doesn’t play anything, I know the base browser is chromium, so I tried to use chrome instead, and it worked, I create a bookmark to launch the server and everything goes well but; is there any chance to set chrome as the default browser when KA Lite server is launched?

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Virtual School Not Playing Videos (Chrome Issue)

Thanks for reporting this problem, @kevaryza.

KA Lite (“Virtual School”) requires the H.264 codecs to play videos, and unless you purchase Endless hardware (for which Endless pays the codecs license fee) or purchase the codecs from our online store, you will not be able to play H.264 videos in Chromium. The codecs issue is why we now try to automatically download and set Google Chrome as the default browser for anyone who downloads Endless or purchases a computer that runs Endless from an OEM like ASUS or Acer. (Google covers codecs licenses when Chrome is downloaded from their servers.)

My expectation was that once a user had set Google Chrome as the default browser (either manually or as part of this automatic download/install), KA Lite would open in the default browser. But, as you found (and I was able to reproduce), that is not the case. I’ll open a bug report for my team to work on this. (I also found the same problem with webapps like Facebook and Whatsapp.) Most likely too late for us to address for the 3.1.3 release, but hopefully we’ll have a fix soon. In the meantime, that’s a great idea to add a weblink to the desktop.

For anyone else who needs to do this, please following the instructions below…



@kevaryza This should be fixed now if you upgrade the OS to 3.1.3. Thanks again for reporting the bug.



Hi @roddy - I feel like this change may have gotten reverted at some point? Is that possible?

I’m on Endless 3.5.1 and when a new user account is created, Chromium is the new user’s default browser even though Chrome has already been installed. This means, if a user opens virtual school no videos play, unless each user goes to find Chrome and set it as a default.

Shouldn’t all new users default browser be Chrome after the admin has set it as such? Is there a way to accomplish this?


@worldpossible Upgrade to Endless OS 3.5.4


@LeandroStanger - update complete, but the default browser on new user accounts remains Chromium. Any other suggestions?

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