Kenapa Wifi setting di Endless tidak ada di network settings?

mohon pencerahannya

Something that would help us a lot to understand the problem would be this:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command: eos-diagnostics
  3. The above command will create a file with the information of your system (example: eos-diagnostic-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Send us this file so we can analyze and see a possible solution

this is file diagnostics

eos-diagnostic-170913_215809_UTC+0700.txt (218 KB)

Ane juga sama gan, itu karena versi EOS nya yang 3.2.4, agan harus update dulu ke 3.2.5 di pusat aplikasi.

Ane berhasil gan.

eos-diagnostic-171025_062413_UTC 0700.txt (279.1 KB)