LibreOffice looks very different after 6.2 upgrade

Hello. I just updated my os today and when i opened Writer…well, let’s just say it’s WAY different.

Is this normal? Everything in the toolbox just shrinked and this kinda reminds me of windows os.
Thanks and more power guys! ^^

@Maurice_Lenard_Cempr you can use the new interface of LibreOffice

Click View :arrow_right: User interface :arrow_right: In tabs

I followed what you’ve said (there was no “in tab” option – only “Tabbed”) but it kinda didn’t matched the photo that you showed me

somehow i feel uncomfortable about it. help :C

To add the new icon theme Colibre

Press Alt+F12

Click View :arrow_right: Icon Styles :arrow_right: Colibre

Click OK

ok. changed to colibre (changed the theme to white too) and i got this (nearly there)

and when i typed the command i got these

@wjt @ramcq Could help?

To me, your screenshots (particularly of the scrollbar) look like some theme is missing. (Some UI change are expected after the 6.2 upgrade – here’s a blog post from the LibreOffice team.) Some thoughts:

  • Had you previously customized LibreOffice, with non-default styles or themes?
  • Get an eos-diagnostic file and post it here
  • You typoed the command @LeandroStanger suggested you run (which he has now deleted for some reason). Try copy-pasting flatpak install --reinstall flathub org.libreoffice.LibreOffice into the Terminal application
  • Try Help → Restart in Safe Mode… and choose to start in safe mode. If it looks more like what you expect, try choosing the options to erase your UI changes
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i guess the command did the trick. ^^

Thank you ever so much!

Here’s some of the diagnostics you’ve requested (for future reference or whatever you might use it for)

1.) this one was when i still didn’t input the command
eos-diagnostic-190220_071825_UTC 0800.txt (3.4 MB)

2.) this one was when i input the command and pressed “y”
eos-diagnostic-190220_072819_UTC 0800.txt (3.4 MB)

It returned to normal after the code finished its thing. thanks again :grin: