Linux password lost

hi i don’t remember the password from linux, now it opens without asking for my password, but if i do certain places it requires it and i can’t work anymore, i don’t want to reinstall the system, there is some way from the terminal to solve this problem, eventually to change or delete it all important to work on the computer

  1. Press Shift during boot to enter the Boot menu
  2. Press e to edit the entry
  3. Append init=/bin/sh to the line starting with “linux”
  4. Boot with Ctrl-X
  5. Enter mount -a
  6. Enter mount -o rw,remount /
  7. Enter passwd USERNAME (USERNAME is your username)
  8. Enter the new Password
  9. Enter sync
    — wait a few seconds —
  10. Power cycle your machine

thank you very much!

Hi, @qwerty!

Please let us know if the solution provided by @egrath solved your issue?

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