Minecraft - optifine


Hello. I tried to setup optifine for minecraft. minecraft is running so far well, it was installed using the search-bar following the install process.

so far, i downloaded the optifine.jar file, and manually installed oracle java and was able to start the optifine installer. after optifine installer started, i click on “Install”, but always the error message appears, that the minecraft version is not found. Even i have installed the right version.
so, a workaround for that problem would be, that i copy manually the optifine files into the minecraft folder. the only problem is, that it seems on endless the minecraft folder is somewhere / somehow hidden. in the minecraft profile, the game directory is set to “/sysroot/home/xxx/.minecraft”. but in this folder, there are no files, so i am missing the minecraft.jar file. when i click in the profile editor on “Open Game Dir” nothing happens.

maybe can help me, to setup optifine working.
even the location of “minecraft.jar” would help me. maybe i don’t understand the endless concept :slight_smile:

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