Miniaturas Vídeos

Boa tarde a todos.

Até pouco tempo atrás utilizava o linux mint xfce, mas comprei um outro notebook e ele veio com o endless os, gostei e resolvi migrar. Contudo, as miniaturas dos arquivos de vídeo não aparecem por nada do planeta. Já as miniaturas das imagens funcionam bem. Alguém pode me dar uma luz?

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Thanks for your message. Unfortunately this functionality is not available on Endless OS.

The technical reason for this is that the Files app is built-in to the OS, but the Videos app (which is the component that produces the thumbnails on Mint) is distributed separately, as a Flatpak. Due to this separation there is currently no way for the OS to produce video thumbnails.

We anticipate that this may be improved in future, but we are not currently working on this.


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