Move Endless and keep configurations to a new upgraded HDD?

How to move Endless OS and all my saved configurations or even documents, movies and any, to a new HDD? I do not see any help how to do that in right way. Can i just copy all ~/. home hidden files to a new Endless OS to keep saved configurations like Username, Thunderbird, Firefox configs, and any? It will work? Or need do all configurations from begining after every HDD upgrade?

This is laptop and i want upgrade from 64GB SSD to 500GB SSD. With DD will still have 64GB partition in the new disk. Cloning entire SSD is not a good option for me. I will just install to a new SSD, then will do all configurations again. We need better migration tool.

Have you read through the article? It not only explains how to clone your disk to a larger one, but also how to resize the filesystem to fit the new disk :slight_smile:

Yes yes. Just to copy all config files whitch are like 5Mb, i need clone whole SSD???
Is this a professional help of what? Nevermind. I do it myself with easy way and not clone Whole SSD!
I wonder if i was upgrading from big to small SSD, what will need to do. Clone again?
Thanks for low level support.

Cloning from a big to small SSD isn’t as trivial as the other way round, in this case it’s better to copy your userdata and relevant configuration files over to a new installation.

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