Need help to Triple boot Win 10 x32 x64 & EOS

I attempted to create a triple boot situation that contained Windows 10 32bit, Windows 10 64bit, and EOS. I could boot into all 3 operating systems without any problems. The only problem I had is when rebooting out of EOS. No bootable operating system would be found. This would still occur after restarting the computer from a powered off state. The only way to get out of this locked state was to boot from a USB flash drive containing another Windows 10 OS, then shut down/restart the computer without the flash drive connected and all 3 bootable OS’s would be back for choice. Booting/rebooting in/out of the Windows 10 OS’s do not cause this problem. I cannot remember which order I installed the operating systems, but EOS was installed via/from within the windows 10 64bit OS and subsequently removed via the same. The questions are as follows:

  1. Does anybody know why this occurs?
  2. Can both windows 10 32bit and 64bit be successfully installed/run along with EOS?
  3. Which would be the successful order for installing all 3?

Does your system have EFI, or legacy BIOS? (The debug log from the installer would tell you.) I guess BIOS since it sounds like you’re seeing the Windows bootloader with 3 options for Endless OS, Windows x32 and Windows x64.

I would suggest that the most likely way to make this work is:

  • Install Windows 10 (for platform A) as the first OS on the disk
  • Install Windows 10 (for platform B) as the second OS, using the bootloader from Win 10 platform A
  • Boot Win 10 A, install Endless OS from here

but I’m afraid this has not been tested (to the best of my knowledge).

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