New boot issues


Endless was working for a bit but now fails to boot properly. I get the following message and cant get past this. Any ideas?


Can you please try the following:

  1. Hold down Shift while booting - immediately after your display shows something - and select the previous Endless OS installation. Does that work? If yes, let us know for further instructions
  2. If not, please boot with the live USB stick you used to install Endless OS, run the ‘Disks’ utility and perform a check on the internal disk. Please also let us know if any errors were found, if they could have been fixed by the tool and if that solves the boot issue.

    (Select your internal disk, select the ostree partition, press the button with the cogs icon, select "Check Filesystem)

Ok thanks for that. This was happening 100%, 50 out of 50 tries.

Left it for two weeks, did nothing and now it seems to be ok?! Super weird. If it happens again, will do as you suggest and respond back on the thread with the extra info