New Endless Version 3.4.4 - No information on here

Given the ongoing and still not fixed problems I still have with the Endless App Center and phantom updates, I see today that a new version of Endless 3.4.4 is now available.

Before installing this, as there is no mention of the new version on this site, perhaps one of the team might like to let people know what’s going on and what the new version has to offer.



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@Jack75 Corrections and improvements

That’s not really an explanation. What corrections and improvements? Release notes would be obviously helpful.

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Hi @Jack75, I’ve just taken over the desktop team (responsible for the OS releases) in Endless so this was my first release process - many of the company were away at the annual GNOME conference, GUADEC, over this weekend as well, so it wasn’t as smooth / ideal a release process as we normally aim for. I’ve just posted the release notes over here Release | Endless OS Version 3.4.4 and am uploading the images to the website now. Thanks for your patience!

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Many thanks and much appreciated.