New install, missing pieces

I have been away for a while and missed a few updates for sure. I did a clean install of Endless 3.9.5 which went well. You all do good work.:slight_smile:

On my earlier installs there was a drop down from the top, that contained interesting items and suggestions on things to try. There was also a specific start page for the Chrome/Chromium browser. Were those items discontinued? If they are still available to install, I would like to have them.


Welcome back! Yes, the Discovery Feed (at the top) and the Discovery Center (web browser home) were both discontinued. We have been tweaking our sustainability & effectiveness, these and some other Endless-only features have been removed so that we can focus our efforts on the key parts of our non-profit strategy.

We still have interest in those concepts, but we need to maximize our impact by working within the larger community. Hopefully these things come back in future but in a way that goes beyond Endless OS, similar to the way we have taken elements of Endless’s superior desktop usability and contributed them to GNOME 40.