New to Endless/Linux in general need to create a script to run on boot

So far I have no software issues with Endless itself.
I have Endless installed on an older Lenovo Thinkpad. This laptop has a faulty TrackPoint, which I need to disable.

I can manually disable it by running the following command:
‘xinput set-prop “TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint” “Device Enabled” 0’

I would like to run this command at every boot.

From my understanding I need to create a script file *.sh and put it somewhere and then “chmod” it?
This script also must contain in order for the OS to know its executable:
Via googling this location seems to be ‘/usr/etc/init.d’ though I cannot write to this location or copy files to this location. I’ve been bumbling around for a few days.
If I’ve gone too far and mucked something up, I can wipe and start over, no big deal.

Thank you for any assistance rendered!

CC: @Daniel @jprvita

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