No audio after instalation of OS

Hi everyone.
My audio dont work after intalation of endless 3.5.1 (181115-225757).
I try change configs and install pulse effects but didnt work.
Obs: on windows10 the audio works fine.

eos-diagnostic-181129_174353_UTC-0200.txt (475,0 KB)

Apologies for the difficulties here. We believe we have fixed this issue for Endless version 3.5.2, which should be available in 1-2 weeks.

If you would like to test it sooner, I have published a 3.5.2-beta1 release, you can get it via the beta program:

Hello, guys!

Endless OS has improved tremendously after I tried it last…

Looking good except - no audio after installing 3.5.4, I believe, in my Acer Aspire 5935G.

Drivers for multimedia seem OK, volume wheel is working, so are other MM buttons, alas no sound through the built-in speakers.

Strangely, mic is working but - no sound to be heard…

Now, how do I attach eos-diagnostics output file, let’s see…

eos-diagnostic-190210_084612_UTC 0000.txt (1.8 MB)

OK, got it. Please, solve this, the laptop is going to my kids, as an educational tool… :slight_smile:

Thanx and keep “tearing down the Linux walls”… :wink:

Oh, while we are at it: can a special version of Synaptic be added, perhaps - to be in line with your otherwise solid “indestructible Linux” strategy but - allowing for a greater range of apps, tools etc. to be used, please?

One could use a better range of device managers, testing tools, drivers for various devices, more controls over settings and so on… Could it be done, please?

Also, a greater range and ease of adding more of flatpack apps, tools etc. would be good… It’s needlessly hard as it is… (Outside of your repo, that is…)

From version 3.0 on, Endless OS started adopting Flatpak, a new application distribution system

@gorski What application are you trying to install on Endless OS?

Thanx, Leandro but I do know this - as soon as one scratches the internet surface… What I am asking is to do with developers, coders, deep stuff we, the IT bozzos, can’t do… :slight_smile:

So, as I mentioned, it is the tools, device managers, various drivers, system testing tools, settings managers and control thereof etc. - that would make EOS job that much easier and our experience that much better…

A second drive (in my wife’s laptop I added another SSD) is not seen, for instance, by various apps (like Paperwork), as if it is isn’t mounted, so that could be improved, too…

Thanx in advance to the IT wiz tribe! :slight_smile:

Weird, headphones are OK, too… So, just no output through built-in loudspeakers…

VLC now got stuck and I can’t stop it or exit it. Force app to quit app would be good to have, also… I attached the eos-diagnostics file…

eos-diagnostic-190210_095342_UTC 0000.txt (2.1 MB)

My wife would like a changing background pics app - didn’t see any such apps so far - anyone knows if it’s available on flatpakhub or similar places, please?

Since I am at it…

A very cool Endless OS visual identity should be accompanied by an equally cool audio identity, I think… :wink:

I am sure many musicians wouldn’t mind contributing various sounds for logging on/off, problems, email notifications and so on… Ask us in an announcement on the forum (if you haven’t already) for contributions, which would be credited in your cool OS, hence everybody wins… :slight_smile:

Speaking of sound: perhaps you could add a general set of controls for audio, in terms of at least 8 - 10 various frequencies, please? So people could control their specific outputs generally/broadly speaking, to avoid too low a bass, for instance, or too much of it and hence serious distortions etc.

One more bug, I think, I have noticed so far on 2 machines I set up yesterday: I stopped WiFi, since I attached LAN cable and proceeded to switch off Bluetooth, as well - but then Plane mode got switched on. Several rounds of ON and OFF and I finally managed to get it all off, except LAN. And when all of that was OK, the controls for WiFi, Bluetooth and Plane mode were gone and not easily at hand. Perhaps that could be looked into, as well? I mean, I know one can go to Settings and redo it there but these are closely related and should be reliable and at hand, as one might have to change them instantly, say on a plane… :slight_smile:

Re. LAN/WiFi: I noticed that if I change the settings, say to a static local IP address - it doesn’t appear to be working unless I reboot. Is this by design or…?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Dynamic Wallpaper Editor

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Sorry, my bad, I quoted her imprecisely: Dynamic screen saver… She’s picky… :smiley:

Two more bugs to report:

  1. The app at the top of the desktop stopped working (arrow down at the top > it gives the date and news etc.)

  2. When updating the SW via the system update the date and time is stuck and then the updates keep coming back with the same apps to update.

If we updated at 11.30, the “last check” stays at 10.26 or something like that and the same 16 apps come up to be updated again.

Btw, 2 or 3 were not possible to be updated. Perhaps it has something to do with that?

One more thing: “Play on Linux” is not installing PCStitch (XP mode) failing several times to load a Wine version… Can it be down to it being a portable version of PCStitch?


To get support with Phoenicis you have to report the bug here :arrow_down:

Yes, Leandro, thanx - but that’s the only PlayOnLinux that works in EOS, that’s the one that is crashing all the time…

@gorski Upgrade Endless OS to version 3.5.5
You update in the Endless Store

Cheers, m8! Will do and report back!

Keep up the good work!!!