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I do not have any audio through HDMI. I don’t have the option either. This is what my audio settings look like. I am experienced with Linux and many different distros, and I have had this issue before. I was hoping you could help me solve it. I was unable to find help in any of your other forum posts, but it may be related to my optimus hardware. I am using the nvidia card from looking at the eos-diagnostic output but I think my audio card is not routing through the HDMI.

Here is the eos-diagnostic: eos-diagnostic-190626_080120_UTC-0500.txt (933.6 KB)

Here is the screenshot:

Any help is appreciated. I like EOS so far!


@Daniel Could help? :endless::endless:


Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately your BIOS is disabling the HDMI audio device, and expecting the OS to set it up later via an unusual and secret mechanism.
However, nvidia’s Linux drivers do not do this, so you are left with no HDMI audio :frowning:

This is discussed at:

It would be good if you could raise your voice on the nvidia Linux forums too, more user pressure to have them fix this…!

There are a few potential workarounds listed on the above links, but not all will work on Endless, and I was so far unable to find an easy workaround that continues to work after suspend/resume.

I’m actively working on one potential solution in the Linux kernel, but it’s too early to say if it will be accepted.


Good news - my proposed solution was accepted into Linux today, for a future release.
We’ll give it a bit more testing and if it looks good, we’ll potentially include it in a new Endless version for release next month.

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