No sound. Please Help

eos-diagnostic-191222_211133_UTC 0800.txt (921.0 KB)

Upgrade to Endless OS 3.7.6 by App Center

Hi Leandro. I just upgraded to Endless OS 3.7.6. There is still no sound.

Here’s what I got from Terminal.

eos-diagnostic-200111_150020_UTC 0800.txt (757.6 KB)

Hi. Just want to follow up on this. The laptop still doesn’t have sound after I upgraded the OS. Thanks

CC: @Daniel @jprvita

Thanks for reporting this issue.

The logs do indicate that no audio codec was detected. We are trying to borrow the same unit from Acer to investigate on our end.

Is this a newly purchased unit, or is the device still in warranty? If so, it could be useful for you to open a support case with Acer too.

The HDMI audio should be working OK, if that helps at all. Do you happen to know if the missing analog audio functionality was working on earlier versions of Endless?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your help. I bought the unit in 2017. It’s no longer in warranty.

The sound was working before. It just stopped working in December 2019.

I will open a support case with Acer. Thanks

I see. Do you have any feel as to whether the point where it stopped working coincided with an Endless OS update?

It would be a bit unusual, but there’s also a small possibility that you’ve encountered a hardware failure of the codec chip on your product.

Hi. I only updated the OS after the sound stopped working. The sound was okay before I stopped using it for a month.

Sorry, we are unable to get hold of this model to confirm the audio status our side.

In private message I will send you a link to an old version of Endless that you can boot from USB to check if the audio works there. That will give us a good indication as to whether this is a software bug introduced in a recent update, or a hardware issue that has randomly and unfortunately appeared.

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