Not enough disk space for app


Hi guys! I tried to install PyCharm but I coudn’t. App Center told me “Not enough disk space” every time. There are only 4 apps on my computer and I have a 1TB HDD. What shoud I do to fix the problem?


Please try once more to install PyCharm, then follow the first set of instructions at and attach the eos-diagnostic file here.


eos-diagnostic-190805_142340_UTC 0300.txt (688.9 КБ)

Ok, I’ve done diagnostic.


Update to Endless OS 3.6.2


Endless OS 3.6.2 does not include any relevant changes – why are you suggesting this here?


I think the main problem is only 11GB space of Root Folder with EOS. Can I increase the space or change the way for apps setting (especially if my computer have HDD splitted up for 4 parts)?