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So i recently bought a Acer Aspire 3 and it came with endlessos,since i need windows 10 on it i got my usb stick and tried to install it and it just wont boot to setup screen,usb is fat32 formated and when i press f12 and select usb i just throws me to starting of endlessos i tried everything possible the whole day :frowning:

Unfortunately we probably can’t help you in this situation, as we can only give you support for Endless OS related issues. You issue seems related to some boot problems with your Windows 10 Installation media on Acer hardware (which should work normally)

You may need to enable the Boot menu.

When you turn on your laptop, keep tapping F2 to enter BIOS.

Go to Main and make sure F12 Boot Menu is enabled. Then press F10 to save and exit. Choose Yes.

Your computer will then reboot and this time keep tapping F12. You should then see your USB. Select it and you should be off to the races.

I have noticed that my computer (Acer Swift 3) will not boot from some USB flash drives. So if the above doesn’t work, you could try another USB.

Good luck.

Hey so i did all the steps previously but it keeps showing ‘missing operating system’ i did buy a new usb just an hour ago and its the same i did format to fat32 and used restore partition to put os on and no luck.

i forgot to add usb is only detected and shows im legacy mode in boot options

Hi, David!

Just to make sure you are trying to install Windows along with Endless OS or are you trying to remove Endless OS to install Windows?

Im trying to install only windows 10,ill try tomorrow to flash the usb on Rufus since i have no luck and i’ll report back if it fixed the problem.

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately Installing Windows 10 is something out of our hands, please contact their support to get this issue resolved.

Well today i finaly got acess to a windows pc,i ran rufus to burn the image on and it works perfecly.Thread can be closed.

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