Online video player not working

Hello everyone !

I’m a fairly new user of linux systems and there are a lot of things that I don’t understand, so first of all I want to thank the developers of taking us, noob users, into consideration. :smiley:

For some reasons, as I try to watch some videos online, they simply don’t work and are stuck in an endless (no pun there) loading loop.
Youtube and Netflix are working nicely, but allocine or IMDB for exemple, are not. The later one gives me this error : “This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: 224002)”

I am currently using firefox, the problem was the same on chrome. I’ve joined the diagnostic.

If it is a problem of codec, is it possible to install new ones to fix this ?
Thanks in advance !

Something that would help us a lot to understand the problem would be this:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:


  1. The above command will create a file with the information of your system (example: eos-diagnostic-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Send us this file so we can analyze and see a possible solution

Strange, I’m sure I had done it… Well. Here it is.

eos-diagnostic-200325_112651_UTC 0100.txt (748,9 Ko)

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. Copy and paste this command into the Terminal application:
flatpak update --appstream && flatpak update -y
eos-updater-ctl update
  1. Wait for a notification saying that it is to restart the computer and Click to restart the computer

Ok Thanks LeandroStanger, I had to wait for 40 minutes (while having a good internet connection) but it works now.

Well almost, for some reason, I can’t find my WIFI anymore. It still works (my phone is connected to it), I can see other WIFI with my laptop, but that’s all…


We also suggest to download this file and copy it to a USB, then follow this instructions:

After you copy the file to an USB memory stick please follow these steps:

  1. Power on laptop that has the Wi Fi problem and hit F2 when you see the Asus Logo to get into BIOS
  2. Once in the BIOS, hit F7 to enter advanced mode
  3. Once in advanced mode, use the arrow keys on the laptop to move right (one
    time) to the next page and then go down to “ASUS EZ Flash Utility”. Hit enter
  4. Inside of the Utility, it will load the USBs files. Use the right arrow to move right
    (one time) and hit enter on “E406MA-AS.311.
  5. It will ask if you want to use this file, Hit enter on “Yes”
  6. It will then ask if you want to update BIOS (confirm version is Ver.311) Hit yes.
    7.Then it will load a progress bar for the Flash (DO NOT TURN OF THE
    8.Once it is finished it will say “Update is complete” The system will automatically
    9.Let it run the reboot, and make sure it loads up to OS First boot experience
    10.Once it is done, shut the machine down

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