Please help me 😭 (no such device: ostree)

Please help me

Please it keeps showing up and i need my laptop :sob::sob::sob:

Please follow this support entry:

To make things short:

  1. Boot with a Live USB Stick like the one you used to install Endless OS
  2. Open any Terminal app and make yourself root with sudo bash
  3. Execute the following commands then:
fsck -f -y /dev/disk/by-label/ostree
mount /dev/disk/by-label/ostree /mnt
touch /mnt/.file
umount /mnt
  1. Power down the computer, remove the USB Stick and boot again

Alright but i download without usb stick. What do I do then

You need access to some other computer to create a bootable USB stick for any Linux distribution.

Ok, will I get my windows back?

If you follow the instructions, you will get a working Endless OS back :slight_smile:

Aight I will get my windows 10 back right? I really need it…

Do you have a Dual-Boot setup (Windows 10 and Endless OS)?
If you, you should be able to select Windows 10 from the Bootloader Menu

I have the same problem. In the morning I have no problem, but in the afternoon i see the screen like that. I have an Asus laptop with installed Endless. I have no idea how to install an OS, if i Can see that screen only. What can I do?

If you have access to another computer, please follow my advice from above and create a Live USB there.

I have an Endless-installer now on a USB drive. How go on?

Please read the post, it’s described in detail :slight_smile:

First: I did not install earlier, because I bourht the laptop with installed Os:
Second: I do NoT know how to open a terminal app.
Thied: what the f*ck is sido bash

When you booted with the USB stick, you can run a application called β€˜Terminal’. sudo bash is a command you need to enter in the Terminal application (and then press Enter). The next commands are also meant to be entered in the Terminal app.

Thanks a lot. My last question: Is it enough, if I have only the endless-installer?

Yes. When you boot the Installer you can choose two options:

  1. Install
  2. Try

(or similar). Use the second one, it will bring you to a regular Endless OS Desktop which runs from USB.

Great ! Thank you once more. Have a nice day! :smiley:

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