Problemas com wifi

A placa de rede WIFI só consegue capturar o sinal se o notebook estiver ao lado do roteador, se estiver a poucos metros do roteador, mesmo sem paredes, já não captura o sinal. O notebook é novo, não tem 15 dias, na primeira semana a placa de rede nem aparecia nas configurações e foi necessário fazer ancoragem USB com o celular até atualizar o SO, o que demorou vários dias. Gostaria de saber como resolver isso, pois celular e outros notebooks capturam o sinal onde ele não consegue. Pode ser problema de driver?
A placa é a Wireless AZWAVE AW-CB515NF
eos-diagnostic-220829_134900_UTC-0300.txt (808,9,KB)

Can you please post the output of the following command in two situations: one time when you are near the WIFI Router and one time when you are a few meters away (without any walls between but when the connection gets worse):

nmcli dev wifi list

I think that your issue is twofold: The previous version 4.0.4 which you had installed did not had the driver for your card, so a upgrade to 4.0.8 was necessary as the driver was shipped with this release.

But from the logs i don’t see any evidence of a fault with the card or the driver, so my assumption is that the internal antenna connectors have either fallen off the card or never have been plugged in by the manufacterer - i’ve seen similar issues before on different branded devices.



I’m pretty sure that it’s because of overlapping channels. On the 5 Ghz band, theres a different SSID broadcasted which a much stronger signal when you are away from your router. Ideally, all routers in a building should not overlap their channels (hard on 2.4 Ghz, possible on 5 Ghz).

Are you using the Clara or Clara_5G network for connecting to the router?

Estou usando a rede Clara

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