Release | Endless OS Version 3.3.6

Here’s what’s new in Endless OS 3.3.6

(Released: December 15, 2017)
This version contains a few bugfixes and uprades to make your Endless OS experience better.

  • Extensions bugfix: We fixed a problem where some apps wouldn’t work properly because extensions they required weren’t being installed.

  • Visual Studio Code & Documents app bugfix: We fixed a problem where the Visual Studio Code app would try to take over from the Documents app for viewing files if you had it installed.

  • Upgraded Steam app: This new version of Steam contains many bugfixes that make performance and compatibility better for many games.

  • Resume and My Budget apps bugfix: The Resume and My Budget apps can once again open their templates in LibreOffice.

  • Qualcomm AR9462 WiFi bugfix: Users reported connectivity problems with this WiFi device on recent Endless OS releases. The problem has now been resolved.