Release notes for 3.3.5


Hi @translators, we now have release notes for the newest version of Endless OS are out. Please help us make them available in your language by translating them and posting them under your language’s category. If you’re in a Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook group that could benefit from your translation, please share a link to your post there as well.

Thank you all for your contributions!


Thanks @LeandroStanger!


Hello @mhall119 mhall119 how are you, if what you need I do without any doubt, I’m in the Facebook group, but I’m not in the telegram and WhatsApp, thank you very much.


Thanks @pacosta157! Telegram groups have been create for both Brazil and Indonesia, but I don’t know if there is one yet for Argentina. We do have global Endless OS groups on both Telegram and WhatsApp though. You can find links to join all of them on this post an if you know of any for Argentina feel free to add them there (it’s a wiki page so you can edit it)


@mhall119 I am for that, whatever you need, count on me. thanks for everything. we are in communication, I am already joining the groups …

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