Restore last state after power loss

I tried all the settings in the BIOS for Endless One 500GB PC but no luck. After setting the “Restore AC Power Loss” to Power On or Last State, when I unplug the AC jack and re-plug it, the LED is “breathing” and nothing happens.

How can I achieve the AC On after power loss?

Thank you.

@LeandroStanger Can you help me with this?

Perhaps you could be more specific about what problem you’re having? It’s unclear to me what you’re trying to achieve.

I tried to set up the Endless One 500GB to automatic power on itself after power loss. Once I set the “Restore AC Power Loss” option in the BIOS to “Power On”, and I cycle the power (by unplug and then replug the power cord), the computer doesn’t turn itself on, but the LED light in the bottom just blinking slowly.

Can you check on your side this matter? Do you have any spare Endless One?

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