Screen Keyboard, open up, but no text input works and App Center

Hello, I seen screen keyboard, don’t work, if you click on text field to enter password to login, to click search bar on desktop, it just show on screen that’s all.
Screen keyboard don’t show up when you want to use it to, text inside a browser or any other thing except this 2 cases. I use 3.9.7 version of OS. Give option, when you enable screen keyboard that it stay on screen in some cases you can move it around the screen, like when texting in files or browsers.

Even now App Center past few years have problems to make app updates or install new apps. I have disabled auto update option, this is ignored, some apps do get to be updated regardless.

New OS updates, randomly show up, even then, there is problem to downloading them. Some of this problems are here for long time, it be pleasurable to see them be solved. Or it say, OS is downloading without me even clicking anything to start downloading after it stay in that phase for long. Cancel button, don’t give appearance that it works, is just ignored, give it color change that is in effect even, if app take time to respond and stop download.

I wish it worked smooth as intended. What buttons, say it should do.

Just tried enabling the screen keyboard under accessibility settings on a 4.0.9 installation and it works there as expected in every text input box. Can you please upgrade to the latest version of Endless OS and try if that fixes your issue?

Some apps do update itself when using them, there’s nothing you can do about it. A prominent example is Steam. However, Apps which are soley distributed via Flathub (the repository behind App Center) should obey your decision to not update them.

Will try, and post an update.

And again, clicking download new update, and nothing happens.

When the download of the OS update failed, can you please generate a diagnostic log and upload it here for further analysis.