Slack currently unavailable to new users [UPDATED]



Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know that we appear to have hit a Slack limit on how many invitations we can send for new people to join. We’ve contacted Slack to see how we can get this limit raised so you can keep joining, and I’ll update this topic once we have an answer from them.

Until that time, you can keep using this Forum for discussing with Endless engineers and community, there’s no limitations here!

[UPDATE] Invitations are working again! Discussions with Slack continue so we can avoid this happening again. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, I hope to see you all on our Slack channel now!


any movement on this ?

or can’t you afford the ideas ?


Hey @nonline,

We’ve decided to replace Slack with Telegram (or WhatsApp if you prefer), since more people are already using those and we kept having issues like this one with Slack. You can find links to those global channels and some local one on this page.

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