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Any idea how to install windows when you can’t use anything outside of the app center? I have the flash drive with windows 10 on it and I pretty much have the gist on how to install it, then run it but, the only problem is that endless doesn’t want to use any files so I’ve kinda hit a roadblock. I’m not thinking about uninstalling endless but it has really been limiting what I can normally do on other computers, so I want to go back to windows and maybe work with Linux if I can. Thanks

We’re not really set up to give people support about how to install Windows, because this is an Endless OS forum. Normally you need to create a bootable USB, then you can hit F12 (or whatever) to boot from it at startup. There aren’t good tools for creating these USBs from Linux machines like Endless OS, so your best plan is to use a tool like Rufus to create the bootable USB from a Windows machine, and then use that to start the install process.

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