Terminal doesnt work

hello terminal doesnt work
i try to write and i cant

I assume that your Keyboard is working in general and only in Terminal you can’t type anything? If this is the case, please make sure that Read-Only Mode in Terminal is disabled:


read only mode is disabled and i cant still write

A few more things to try:
1.) Press Alt-F2, then enter the following command and press Enter: dconf reset -f /org/gnome/terminal/
2.) Now try to run Terminal again
If this still does not help, can you please provide us with a diagnostic by running (also with Alt-F2 Method) eos-diagnostics and upload the generated file in this Thread.

eos-diagnostic-210922_163829_UTC 0300.txt (2,1 MB)

For diagnosis purposes, can you please switch your Keyboard Layout from Greece to English, and your System Locale also. Then check if Terminal works.

There isn’t anything really suspicous in the logs which leads to the cause so we have to do a little bit of testing to figure out whats going on.

how do i change system locale?