Thermal Printer

I am so upset, I can’t even gather my words. The local libraries in my area gave away old desktops and they came with this endless software that I’ve never even heard of. Once I became familiar with it, navigating was easy and I didn’t even mind it. I just bought a thermal printer because I have a small business and I seriously needed one. It isn’t even compatible with the software. Then, to add insult to injury, I can’t get in touch with anyone. I am always directed to this forum. And, this is a thing??? Seriously! I’m so drained right now and having to unload on a forum thread like it’s 2002 instead of talking directly to a person is making all of this worse! If anybody can help me, please give me tips! I’m about two seconds away from throwing this sh*t out of the window!!

Can you please give us a little more insight in your issues. Especially the following information would be great in order to work out a solution:

  1. What Type of Thermal Printer is it?
  2. Which Software do you need for the Thermal Printer? Is it a Windows only application, and/or can it be downloaded from the Internet?

If you already have connected the Printer to your Computer, can you please open a Terminal and enter:


Then, upload the generated file here in this thread.

Btw. the usage of a forum for problem solution is common in the Computer world, as others who may have the same or a similar issue can benefit from the solutions worked out. You also can’t simply call up Microsoft to get qualified support :slight_smile:

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