Toolbox, Brave, Chrome-Installer, Firewall, sshguard, ect


Hello. Some questions:

Is it now possible to install various containerized applications via toolbox?

toolbox create
toolbox enter
sudo apt install x
toolbux run x

That would lift your restrictions. If this is possible, does a browser now also run in/out of toolbox?

Is there a sshguard Flatpak or are there other ways to install sshguard?

Can ufw be installed (although there is no Flatpak for it)? Or do I have to bother with iptables & Co. ?

Is the Google Chrome installer loop fixed now?

How to deactivate/block your (and Google, Facebook, ect.) telemetry completely? You can have my machine-id and “count” - that’s all a Linux distro is entitled to. In a perfect world.




I don’t know – I suggest trying it.

You could probably do this by running a container as root, but I haven’t tried it.

I was not able to reproduce this.

  • Settings → Privacy → Metrics → Off
    • If you don’t trust that this is doing what it says it is, systemctl mask --now eos-metrics-event-recorder.service
  • Settings → Privacy → Location → Off (if you don’t want apps that want location to be able to query Mozilla Location Service)
  • Google – whatever you usually do; don’t configure a Google account in Online Accounts
  • Facebook – ditto


wow, thx @wjt, very honest & clear explanation. i will try endless again. your approach is too beautiful ( … not to try it out).

sinc. m.

  1. nope: sudo apt xy. you’re debian based but & toolbox = sudo dnf xy (= fedora as we know it).
  2. toolbox & browser (for example brave) = nope.
  3. google-chrome-installer = background process = google-chrome-loop. i guess, you can reproduce this very easy.

all the best for the future.


If this is possible, does a browser now also run in/out of toolbox?

This is an example. I installed Tilix and Opera from Toolbox. Opera run inside Toolbox.

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