TOR and similar programs



Hello everyone, I would like to use TOR or similar things to browse without a trace. How is it possible with Endless?

many thanks in advance.


As of version 3.0 Endless OS has adopted Flatpak, a new application distribution system


This has already been discussed in this topic


thx Leandro and sorry but I do not find on flatpak TOR, do you have a suggestion to give me please? is there a similar software for us endless users?
thank you and sorry if I keep bothering you


Brave browser will soon be available in the app center


Tor works well with any kind of Linux. Download Onion Tor Bundle for the entire package. Protip: Make sure you update Tor browser. Also prepare yourself for things you cannot unsee.


so you frighten me. I wanted to use it simply for the TV series torrents

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